6 Great Hen Party Ideas

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Planning a hen party can be a delightful challenge, especially when you're looking for activities that blend creativity, fun, and a hint of sophistication. At Bonnets & Bloomers, we've curated a selection of hen party ideas that promise to leave lasting memories for the bride-to-be and her guests. Here’s a taste of the unique experiences we offer:
1. Fascinator Hat Making

Dive deeper into the elegance of millinery with our fascinator hat making class, where creativity meets chic. This session is not just about crafting; it's a doorway to the fascinating world of fashion accessories, inviting each participant to express her style.

As you select from a variety of materials, you'll learn the artistry behind these fashionable pieces, making it a perfect blend of learning and fun.

The joy of wearing a self-made fascinator to a special event or even the wedding itself adds a personal touch to the occasion. Our expert guidance ensures that no matter your skill level, you'll create something beautiful and cherished, symbolizing the bond and shared memories of the day.
image of fascinator hat making class at a hen party
2. Knicker Embellishing

Knicker embellishing brings a playful and intimate element to hen parties. It's a chance to giggle and share stories as you adorn a pair of knickers with lace, beads, and ribbons.

This activity fosters a warm, inclusive atmosphere, making it ideal for breaking the ice and strengthening friendships.

Beyond the laughter, there's a wonderful sense of achievement in creating something unique and personal.

Whether it's cheeky, cute, or outright glamorous, your embellished knickers serve as a quirky keepsake of your fun-filled hen party.
image of fun Knicker Making at Hen Party
3. Flower Crown Making

Step into a floral paradise with our flower crown making workshop, a serene and joyful activity that celebrates natural beauty and creativity. Participants will be guided through selecting flowers that match their aesthetic, learning techniques to assemble their crowns.

This hands-on session is not only therapeutic but also instills a sense of connection to nature.

Flower crowns are a beautiful and versatile accessory, perfect for the wedding, festivals, or simply capturing stunning photographs. The shared experience of creating something so beautiful further binds the group, leaving everyone with a tangible reminder of their unity and the joy of the day.
image of fun flower crown making at a Hen Party
4. Great Gatsby Headband Making

The Great Gatsby headband making transports you to the opulence of the 1920s, offering a glamorous escape to the past. This activity allows you to immerse in the luxury and extravagance of the era, creating headbands that sparkle with the excitement and promise of the Jazz Age.

It's an opportunity to discuss fashion history while crafting, adding depth to the fun.

Wearing your Gatsby-inspired creations, your hen party can enjoy a night out in true flapper style, or perhaps a themed photo shoot to capture the elegance and spirit of the era. It’s an activity that not only celebrates friendship but also the timeless allure of vintage fashion.
image of fun 'great gatsby' headband making at a Hen Party
5. Mad Hatter Hat Making

Delve into the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland with our Mad Hatter hat making session. This activity encourages you to unleash your imagination, creating hats that are as wild and wonderful as the characters in Carroll's stories.

It's a playful exploration of creativity, where the only limit is your imagination.

The Mad Hatter theme adds an element of fantasy and adventure to the party, making it a memorable escape from the ordinary.

As each hen showcases her unique creation, it's a celebration of individuality and the joy of collective imagination.
image of Mat Hatter Hat Making at Hen Party
6. Cowgirl Hat Making

Embrace the rugged charm of the Wild West with cowgirl hat making. This activity is not just about decorating hats; it's about embodying the spirit of adventure and freedom.
As you add your personal touch to the hats, you're also forging a connection to the open, untamed landscapes they represent.

The cowgirl theme offers a fun, energetic backdrop to your hen party, perfect for those looking to combine creativity with a sense of boldness and fun.

It’s an invitation to step into a new persona, if only for a day, and experience the camaraderie and thrill of the frontier.
image of fun cowgirl hat making at a Hen Party

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